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Junglee Rummy Apk v3.0.13 Download Free For Android & iOS

Junglee Rummy Apk is one of the most enjoyable and well known online games. This game is not only played in India but is also like to play in other countries. This game has an easy functioning tools, and easy to understand. Mostly people like this game due to its intelligibility or plainness. If you want to spend your free time doing an interesting entertainment, then this could be your first choice.

This game is a great change in the classic game world. The most dominant quality of this game is that it is completely protected from any harm, you can easily trust in it whether it’s about earning real money and you can feel free to play without spending a single penny.

Additional Information

App NameJunglee Rummy Apk
Last Updated3 days ago
File Size84.10 MB
Content Rating2072
Support Android Version8.0 and up
  • Junglee Rummy Unlimited
  • Junglee Rummy All Unlocked
  • Junglee Rummy Pro Version

Junglee Rummy Cash Game

Junglee Rummy Apk gives you the opportunity to get cash back and unlimited cash prizes. This is two in one bundle of “fun and earn”. They created this program as an astonishing equal rules basis. That means you do not need to worry about cheating if you play with your cerebrum and take the right steps. No one can stop you from winning. This game provides one and the same golden opportunity for its players.

When you enter your registration for this thrilling or rip-roaring game, so as a welcome gift they give you ₹8850 in your jungle rummy cash account.

Plus, if you play on their website, they not only give you whether cash but also some extra free hand and facilities. Here, you can play inexhaustible games with eye-catching or alluring Avatars and much more.

Playable On All Devices

Junglee Rummy Apk can be played on every device. They are computers, laptops, and Androids. While playing this game, you do not have to face any hard times just because you are playing it on android. This epic game administers support to 15 APIS or above, and also gives you great speed experience throughout your playing time.

Basic Rules For Playing Junglee Rummy Apk

To play any game as a beginner, first you need to learn the basic or most essential rules. In Junglee Rummy Apk, the first basic rule is the arrangement of cards. You have to set 13 well founded cards in order. If you want to be a winner or legend, you need to make at least two rows. If you do not make lines properly, then it will decrease the chances of your winning. If you just follow the rules and use your upper portion properly or instantly, then no one can defeat you and make you away from your prizes or cash.

Attributes Of Junglee Rummy Apk

The most admirable qualities of this classic game are as follows:

  • Junglee Rummy Apk enhances your skills because it totally depends on your cerebrum. The more you practice, the more you have a chance to become a better player.
  • You feel unsafe while playing this game. This game makes you to use your resolutionary, perceiving, and judging expertise.
  • In this game you will achieve alluring or engaging cash prizes or bonus. After just completing the downloading process, you will get ₹500 and a supplementary ₹5000 bonus in your game account.
  • You feel protective during transaction, they do good care of security for their players. They do KYC verification for every player in advance before doing any type of transactions in accounts.
  • Players experience multiple features. This game provides you with VIP offers and give divergent offers and does contest on their platform, so you can win lots of prizes.
  • In this game there is no restriction on players’ quantity thousand plus players can participate in this game.
  • There is not any type of restriction that you must have to use you cash for playing Junglee Rummy Apk you can easily play this game without spending a single penny
  • There is a huge range of variety of games, like Poll Rummy, 13-Card Rummy, 13- Card-Rummy Tournaments.
  • Their supportive team is available for you 24/7 per hour, you can contact them for any type of guidance.

How To Complete Installation Of Junglee Rummy Apk

  • In the first step, you have to download the modified or last updated version of the Apk Android
  • Then you have to go to the setting option, to prevent you from confusion. This “Setting” option usually present on the last of your android’s screen.
  • After that, just go to Security and click on Unknown Sources.
  • Once you complete the upper procedure, just download the app.
  • When this app is downloaded your device will ask for your permission whether you really want to download this app or not, so all you need to do is click on the installation button and take a rest and let your device complete the installation.
  • Now your app is downloaded, then click “Open”.
  • After that, “Log in” by your Facebook account and enjoy your amazing card game.

Some people ask “How to download old version of Jungle Rummy” or “How to download the Online Jungle Rummy Cash Game” so you can easily download its old version by following the same steps as we have been given you above.


Junglee Rummy Apk is safe and never lets you get bored like other online games, because generally you get bored or feel unattachable to a game after playing it for a while. It is free to play and you can also play it online on their website. They also give you a chance to make new friends by playing with strangers in divergent tournaments offered by their app. You can decorate your Avatar according to your own will. So, in short, this is the best app for the person who wants to play a game who not only passes their time.


Yes, it is legal in all over the country like and you can easily get cash through transactions.

There is minor difference in desktop and Mobile, in desktop you have to click on sign-up for free, and in android you can follow the method given you above.

Yes, it is safe they give a good care of your transactions by doing verification for every player.

You will advance to the VIP 2 level with a minimum deposit of 500 yen, and you will also begin receiving the weekly bonus at that time.

Rummy circle is considered as one of the most safest and best sites in the rummy world. This site is available for both Android mobile and IOS platforms. Its alluring features enhance your gaming experience. Whether it is a modern rummy game, poll rummy, or 13- cards rummy etc. You can play all types of game here.

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